Wednesday, 27 August 2008

First Aussie Lucky Draw Win!!!

I got a call the other day from Great Pacific Finance (GPF) during working hours. When I heard the name of the company, the first thought that came to my mind was, "Oh no... It's another marketing call". Before I can say that I was not interested, the caller was saying on the other side that I have won a notebook from the Home Expo. o.0

Mei Lee and I did go to the Home Expo two weeks ago. We were walking stalls by stalls at the Home Expo and there was one stall that was asking us for our tickets numbers to be in the running for a brand new notebook. Initially, I wasn't planning to give since I never believe in this type of marketing gimmick. Lily was the one that seemed really interested in it and her theory was, if you never try, you'll never know. She gave her ticket number and I gave mine reluctantly. Now I am glad I did! :D

After getting the call from GPF, I was still skeptical about the whole thing. I was waiting for the confirmation email, as promised by GPF, and the email came through hours later.

For me, that is good enough to believe I actually won a notebook! YEAH!

Went to collect my notebook this arvo from GPF office. I was expecting some hard selling of their products before allowing me to leave their office with the notebook. To my surprise, all they said was, "Congratulations Stephen, out of 5000 applicants, you are the lucky winner. Have fun with your new notebook and enjoy the rest of your day." 0.0 That was easy!

It took me a while to actually appreciate how lucky I was. 1 in 5000 chances and I got it! I guess I was too ecstatic winning a notebook to realise I was darn lucky! :D

Got home and with Mei Lee, unwrap the box to see what type of notebook we have won.

To top it off, I took the tram to the city and back and both journey, the ticket machine was not working. Free ride to get the free notebook. :D I am still having a hard time believing it.

Fingers crossed that there's more luck to come. :D


Siao Yue said...

wah can share some luck with me

de-Kaffeinated! said...

Ooooo... looks good!!

Songie said...

congratulations!! both you and lily deserve it for you guyz are kind hearted ppllll...... bravvaooo.. enjoy ur laptop ^_^ (ps,cool blog)

cm said...

Congratulations to Stephen and Lily :) Enjoy your new laptop.