Sunday, 3 August 2008

Photos of Melbourne

I was going through some photos I took during our stay in Melbourne. And the above is just a simple cut and paste of the Yarra River I took at my audit client's office (sorry, phone camera is not very clear). As you would have notice that the left side of the photo is very foggy since it was 9am and the right side was taken around 11am which you can see a clearer view of a tall Eureka building and Crown Casino.

This was taken early in the morning from our apartment. Notice the black spots? Those are not dust on the lens, it is actually hot air balloons. We can see these on most clear mornings (provided we are awake).

Another view of the city from the South Gate. Just playing around with the back and white features of the camera.

2 comments: said...

you have beautiful views :)

Monkee said...

Good work with the b&w one. :D