Monday, 30 June 2008

Dinner at Flower Drum

2 months ago, I got an email from my top management expressing their gratitude for all the hard work my team and I put in for the company's financial year end close. We were each given $400 to spend with our family members, on top of the fancy luncheons and dinners we had. I can feel their sincerity, no doubt about that.

I love to eat and it's a known fact among my close friends and especially Lily. We were considering whether to go for Chinese or French fine dining. My first choice was to have dinner at Vue De Monde but its all fully booked until end of July. That left us with dining at Flower Drum. Having said that, we had to book 2 months in advance to get a table for us.

After 2 months of anticipation and anxious waiting, we finally tried it out last Thursday. The reviews we read was on average 4 out of 5 and we were not disappointed by the end of it. The service was really good... very attentive to our requests, with a smile all the time.

We ordered 6 starters, 2 main courses and a dessert. :D

The first dish was seafood stuffed tofu. Very tasty, fresh and good texture.

Then we had steamed dim sum which was quite fresh. I would expect it to be. No photos as it looks just like any other dim sum.

Lily wanted to try out the shark fin and I ordered the crab meat spinach soup.

Check out the shark fins in her soup. :) But we both think it is not as nice as the ones we had back in KL. Maybe we are used to the KL taste. My was crab meat spinach soup was quite nice. Better than what I expected.

Then we had really crispy and full of flavour peking duck. Sorry no photos, again, looks like an ordinary peking duck that you can get from anywhere else, but much better in taste.

We wanted to have a crab dish and asked the head waiter (HW) to recommend one. He suggested that we try goose pate mudcrab. We gave it a try without much hesitation. Something we have never tried before.

Our first reaction was "WOW". One of the dish that I can't have enough of. If you get a chance, try this dish out.

Lily wanted to have a vegetable dish and ordered a very typical chinese vege, "Lo Hon Jai". It was quite alright. Again, no photos as it looks like you can get it anywhere else.

By now, we were too full to have anything else. Lily insisted that there always room for dessert. We chatted for a while before ordering. She ordered fried ice cream which she loved it so much. Dessert and I don't go along very well and so, I flipped the menu back to the starters section and see what else was nice. :D At this moment, it did crossed my mind how much the bill is going to cost but was not too worried. If we did go over $400, it's still worth every penny of it. With that sorted out, I ordered steamed oysters which was beautifully done in black bean sauce. Yeap, even the HW finds it hard to believe.

The size of these oysters were just nice. Not too huge like the ones in Jogoya (KL) or too small. Nice texture and fresh as well...

We wanted to try this restaurant out when we were studying many years back but the price and the advance reservation was not too encouraging.

Now that we have tried and
left the restaurant with a big smile, mission accomplished!

Procrastination... no more...

I have created this blog since December 06 and always wanted to join the blogging fever... but never get the chance. Marriage, migration, etc... all come into the picture and I have to admit that I lost interest in it a while ago.

Not sure what brought my blogging interest back. That's not important. What is more important is that I made a point to put up a post at least once a week and actually doing it. As the saying goes "motivation gets you started, habit gets you going".

Fingers crossed!