Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Good flight experience

After years of accumulating enrich points... we finally saved enough to upgrade ourselves to the front. It was a good experience from the start and got our 5 minutes of fame!

When we checked in at KLIA, there were a couple of stares from the economy check-in counter. I didn't mind at all! Check in was a breeze, no long queues we were accustomed to. Heck, there was no queue at all! We then went straight to the lounge for some brekkie. I was quite disappointed with the selection of food though. They were serving nasi lemak with curry chicken, scramble eggs and sausages, fried/soup noodles, fruits and breads. Buffet yes, but there's no variety!

We got to our seats early, settled down and ready to enjoy the pampering. :D Shortly after take off, we were given a welcome pack - hand sanitizer, moisturizer, toiletries, etc. Nice!

Welcome pack

While watching the movies, the air steward came around asking us what we would like to have for our 3 course brunch. I chose sirloin steak and Lily chose cheese omelet with salmon. Before our meal arrive, we were given "starters", very fresh and the bread was still warm! Once finished, came our meal we chose. We were quite surprise how well cooked and tasty it was! Finished our meal with the very tasty chocolate blackberry dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal!

"Starters" - Fruit yogurt, seasonal fruits, bread, etc

Minute tenderloin steak with boursin butter, baked potato with cheese, grilled tomato and sauteed mushrooms

 Cheese omelet with lamb croquette, salmon fillet, cherry tomato, asparagus, sauteed mushrooms & baked potato slices

Chocolate blackberry cake with mango sauce

About 2 hours before we reach Melbourne, we were served with another round of delicious food! This time it started off with chicken and beef satay and then followed by lobster and crab salad. The satay was really good... better than those we had back in KL and the peanut sauce was just out of this world! We had the choice of having more and it was too good to resist for another plate!

Then came the lobster and crab salad, which Lily thought it was a little salty. I loved it!

Our second meal ended with blueberry cheesecake which was comparable to the ones you'll get from a really good restaurant.

 Very tasty - Satay (all lean)

Lobster medallion and crab meat salad

  Blueberry cheesecake with tropical fruit salsa

For the first time, we both felt that our flight ended too soon. Food was really good... service was attentive, the tv screen was bigger and clearer as well...

This is something we both don't mind getting used to.