Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Food, Glorious Food

Since the last couple of weeks, I've been flat out at work, no indication its going to end soon. That's "comforting". What is more comforting is that I still have my passion for good food! We have been lucky to savour delicious food once in a while, and to top it off, some are really quite affordable!

Big Brekkie @ Portobello Trattoria (South Melbourne) - heaps of eggs, bacon, hash browns, spinach, sausages, mushrooms and 2 huge slices of toast. (Just to show the size of this, compare the plate with the size of fork at the top right hand corner)

Chicken Parmigiana @ Skinny Dog Hotel (Hawthorn) - Chicken schnitzel covered with leg ham, red sicilian tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Again, another huge and delicious meal.

Eggs in Hell @ Montague Park Food Store (South Melbourne) - Baked eggs covered in spicy tomato sauce, cheese and BBQ sauce. You just have to try this to appreciate it.

Beancurd skin entree @ Kansuiro (Hakone) - Lightly salted topped with black caviar. YUM!

Sashimi entree @ Kansuiro (Hakone) - Sweet, fresh and very nicely presented. Makes it even more delicious than it already was.

Crab shabu-shabu @ Seryna Restaurant (Tokyo) - Very fresh and tender! Too bad we could not find similar in Melbourne.

Fugu sashimi @ Seryna Restaurant (Tokyo) - "dangerously" fresh. :D

Kobe beef @ Seryna Restaurant (Tokyo) - words can't describe how good this piece of meat is. Just melts in your mouth. A must try!

Fatty tuna, salmon roe and sea urchin @ Tsukiji fish market (Tokyo) - Just delicious and fresh. Have to try it to believe it. Can't get any fresher than here.

Frutti Trutti Waffle @ Max Brenner (South Melbourne) - The perfect snack on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Warm chocolate mixed with icy cold ice cream, you decide. :D

Goose pate crab @ Flower Drum (Melbourne) - Never tasted such deliciously baked crab. Meat was juicy and sauce was out of this world!

Mille Feuille de Chevreuil @ Vue De Monde (Melbourne) - One of the best dessert we have tasted. We were appreciating it for a while before eating.

Potato Skin @ Hoags Breath Cafe (Chadstone) - Baked potato skin filled with heaps of bacon and cheese. Enough said!

Seafood Fettucine @ Cerone's Cafe (Malvern East) - Served with huge prawns and calamari. Sauce was well coated and very "light". Just nice!

Seafood platter @ Richmond Seafood Tavern (Richmond) - The seafood was cooked to perfection. When served, scallops, mussells and tuna were still warm and oysters were still cold. Hard to come by even in good restaurants.