Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A new beginning

We have finally moved into our new house. A big pat on our back!!!

Coming back home, driving up to our garage, still smelling the newly polished floor scent and leather sofas, it feels really good!! Makes me want to come home even more. :D

Even though a lot of hours spent in cleaning, unpacking the boxes and arranging our stuffs around the house, we were enjoying it and it turns out to be exactly how we visualized it to be. Guess it's easier now with a bit more room for us to play around.

The whole experience is a journey in itself. Get to learn things that I never thought of, from changing locks to realigning the cabinet door to solving simple electrical issues. The satisfaction from these is just sensational!!! I am beginning to appreciate DIY and understand why the locals love it so much.

At the moment, the walls are pretty empty. We are thinking of what photos and decors we should hang. Now we can make a few holes in the wall without having rental agents screaming their heads off. :D

I was exploring the surrounding last week and found out that our house is actually very strategically located. We knew its very close to the freeway and a supermarket is only 5 minutes walking distance, there's also a huge shopping districts about 5 minutes drive away. Not too far and not too close. Just perfect! To top it off, it's very near to a number of good dim sum place that I am very fond of.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and I hope our parents will be as well when they see our humble home.

A colleague of mine asked me this morning how does it feel to finally going back to my own house after work. I told her it's the same feeling when she got married, no words can truly describe our feeling right now.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

2 weeks to go!!!

Shortly after my missus and myself came back in early 2007, we have been searching around for our first home. There were so many factors we were considering that after 1/2 year of research, we finally found a suburb that we can picture ourselves living in. Then it took us another year to finally secure the deal.

We are still counting our blessings that it only took us a year to find a place that both of us love. It was not an easy task and we came to know a number of couples that actually took more than 1 year or 2 to get their own joint. We are really lucky!

After all the research, going to house inspections, attending auctions, its now 2 weeks away before we move in to our new house. Getting more excited as THE day draws closer. Everything is going as planned, which is really comforting. The only thing left back now is to start packing our stuffs. Never realise we have so much items to pack until now.

It will be a tiring 2 weeks from now but for a good reason!