Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A wonderful trip

May was another eventful month for us. One of our friends got married and our friends from Malaysia came down for a good holiday. With MAS fares selling at record low, our friends took advantage of it, Kenny+Carol and Jon Low. It was really enjoyable having them around, felt like back in KL all over again.

Victoria has many great beaches and breathtaking landscapes, just that we didn't have an excuse to go. With them around, it was a perfect one. We reckon Jon ,out of all of us were the most enthusiastic about the beautiful beaches and landscapes - he get to explore his new camera with his great shooting skills. Of course we were only too happy to be his "guinea pigs". :D

It turned out really good and we are already thinking where to place them in our new home. These photos were taken at Brighton Beach after a good breakkie at St Ali.

During one of the weekends when all of us were free, we made a trip to the 12 Apostles. It was one of the best trip both Lily and myself had. Good companies, enjoyable drive accompanied by great scenery. Enough said! We enjoyed it thoroughly!

Oh, did I mention that I had so much fun driving to 12 Apostles? The Great Ocean Road is very winding and every corner we hit, our car gripped it so well and handling was just sensational! Practically no cars, we had the road to ourselves! Now we know the car magazines weren't lying when they say our car has one of the best road handling system in the market.

Photos below to highlight our joyful trip.

Another nice photo by Jon Low at our friend's wedding reception.