Monday, 25 August 2008

Quick Update

What happened to us, you might ask. no blog... no updates... Both Lily and I have been real busy with work and non-work stuffs... recently, our good mates migrated to Melbourne and we were doing our best to make sure both of them settle in well... We have gone through it before and understand how hard it can be at times. Starting all over again is not easy.

We were preparing ourselves for the dragon boat race, which was held last Sunday. In case you were wondering how well we did, we got second place, we lost to the navy. I'll put in a seperate post on this.

Was busy doing house hunting on the weekend as well and sorting out our budget and cash flow. Now every single cent counts.

I'll post on dragon boating this weekend and some nice photos we took at our balcony.

Take it easy!

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