Thursday, 10 September 2009

Anniversary dinner at Nobu

Last night, we finally had the opportunity to dine at Nobu, an experience I have been looking forward for some time. Being our 3 years anniversary gave us enough reason to enjoy ourselves at this highly successful international chain.

It's been opened for 2 years now and it was still a buzz with plenty of guests arriving and settling in. Upon arrival, we were immediately escorted to the bar for drinks while waiting for our table to be ready. We were told that the previous diners were still at our table. Something tells me that its just one of their tactics to get us spend more $$$. My reasoning? We sat at the bar for a good 45 mins!

Thanks goodness our meal was SUPERB!

Our drinks - Emporio Martini (left) and Passion Crush (right)

We took a quite a while to decide what to order. We were both hungry and everything on the menu seems extra delicious. We took the easy way out, chose 8 course degustation menu on their signature dishes. :D

Each dishes lived up to 2 very hungry diners' expectations. It's Japanese food with western touch and they did it quite well... from mixing Mexican ingredients with sashimi to improving salmon sashimi.

The highlight of our dinner was when the black cod with miso melt in our mouth. It was so tender and moist that we looked silly trying to eat it with our chopsticks. It kept slipping off. Apparently the black cod was marinated in a good deal of sake-miso marinade for 2-3 days.

Dish 1: Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno

Dish 2: (top to bottom) Shiromi usuzukuri whitefish sashimi, salmon sashimi with dried miso and new style scallop sashimi

Dish 3: New style salmon sashimi (highly recommended)

Dish 4: Tuna tataki with tosazu (highly recommended)

Dish 5: Black cod with miso (highly recommended)

Dish 6: Beef toban yaki (highly recommended)

Dish 7: Sushi platter

Dish 8: Warm chocolate satandagi with almond ice cream

We had loads of fun salivating all these amazing dishes that we don't mind coming back again to try other the rest of the menu. Their wagyu 9+ received good reviews as well. Already looking forward to our next trip to Nobu, but not before Tetsuya's!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Just when you think you have seen it all... you'll be hit with another surprise!

Steve Fielding, Victoria's senator and Federal parliamentary leader of the Family First Party made a huge blunder when speaking to journalists outside parliament this morning. He referred to "physical and monetary policy". The journo asked if he meant "fiscal", he then went all gung-ho and spell it out, F I S K A L.

What an embarrassment for a high profile public figure!

The take away point? Think before you speak. A simple logic ministers all over the world don't seem to understand.