Thursday, 20 August 2009

Relaxing lunch at Rochford

We always wanted to spend the weekend afternoon indulging ourselves with some good tasty gourmet meals, wines (though I am not very good at it) in a nice peaceful surrounding.

A couple of weeks back, we did just that! :D The weather was good, the sun was out, we didn't have anything planned, we drove to Rochford Winery for a good lunch. Its in Yarra Valley and not too far from where we live, i.e. 30 minutes drive.

The food was very good... at least a standard we would expect from a winery. Wine was ok... probably we didn't choose the right one to match with our meals.

Venison carpaccio served with raspberry vinaigrette

Steamed mussels and pipis in shellfish volute

Braised Yarra Valley lamb shank served with minted peas and truffled potato mash

Rib eye steak served with pommes anna, green peppercorn and lime butter

Creme brulee

Looking out from the restaurant - vineyard

Rochford is also opened for breakfast. Very tempted to try them out!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

..... and we did it!!!

We bought a few cupboards for our new house and a wall shelf to match it. Some were quite challenging, especially the wall shelf, trying to make it sure its straight got us both going back and forth. :D

The fact that we needed to drill a couple of holes in the wall to hold the shelf got us both worked out already... This is something we couldn't screw it up and the holes had to be precise. And precise it is! Too bad we didn't capture the whole journey in photos...

Now with all the cupboards and wall shelf installed, it's getting nearer to where we want our home to be... We still need to get a coffee table and a tv cabinet. I will remember to take photos then.

It's all good fun... and a satisfying one if I might add.

Have I mentioned that I have yet to "renovate" our garden??!!