Saturday, 25 April 2009

Melbourne shrouded in fog

When I woke up last Monday, I was shocked to find the whole botanical garden was covered in fog. The next thing that came to my mind was... "Quick! Call in sick and get more sleep!" :D I wish I had done that.

Anyway... if I remember correctly, every time when Melbourne approaches autumn/winter, we will be invited by a morning of thick fog. "Borrowed" a number of photos taken from Eureka by Herald Sun.

Winter... bring it on!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

MIA... but plenty going on

We have not been writing posts for the last number of weeks. As you would have guessed, work has been crazily busy for the both of us. It makes it even harder when everyone in the office work until 6pm latest. I am begining to "appreciate" Asia's crazy working hours. Well, the take away point is being busy is definitely better than not during this economic hard time.

On a more positive note, we finally bought our own house! After months of heartaches and disappointments, we finally triumph this time! It was an auction, which is a norm in Australia, very intense during bidding. It started from the seller's reserve price, with every bid worth $10k and slowly it dropped to $5k and then $1k. There were approximately 100 people at the auction but only a handful that were into serious bidding. Maybe starting bid worth $10k filtered those fence sitters. It was a very good experience and the whole time, I was telling myself to remain calm, put up a poker face and stay within our ceiling price. It felt good when we secured our house, everyone clapped for us. It was always the other way round.

We were invited by Mr. Saw, my previous Melbourne boss to have dinner with his friends at Mabrown (Malaysia food) at Balwyn North last night. To our surprise, my ex-boss from KL and his wife are in Melbourne as well and joined us last night. Yeap, both my ex-bosses are old time friends. :)

Anyway, Mabrown have 2 signature dishes - spicy quail and roast duck noodle. We tried both and it was sensational! We could not get it that nice back in KL. Like what my mom always say "satu makan, dua mau". :D One of Mr. Saw's friend brought three types of wine to complement each meat we were having, i.e. one for quail, one for duck and one for the fish. It was just hilarious when the wives put a limit of 2 glasses of wine and how it was always the second glass from the husbands' response.

Great food, great wine, great companies and plenty of laughter, it was really a good evening. Makes it worthwhile going to work, putting all you have and have a good time at the end of it.

Later we will be heading to Devin+Hennley's place for BBQ. Hopefully we can get some nice shots and put it up later. The weather forecast is excellent, with light winds throughout the evening. It will be another good evening. :)