Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas eve party 2010

It was that time of the year again, all of us put our busy schedule aside and get together to celebrate Christmas. It was a big crowd, 20 of us and everyone bought a plate and a present for Kris Kringle. We sure were the noisiest bunch in the whole area. How did I know? I could hear them laughing miles away when I brought Ace for his night walk.

This embrace the spirit of Christmas, all of us decided to wear either green or red. It should look very nice in a photo.

It was really good fun, had plenty of laughter, good catch up with everyone, food was sensational and Ace had plenty to socialize with Jeeme and Tarzy as well.

Kris Kringle was exciting as well, not knowing what presents everyone will be getting. We are very happy with our presents, especially my egg timer. :D Now I can make perfect hard boiled eggs every time!

The photos below were taken by our reliable friends, Carrie and Hennley. We thought that we should leave the photo taking to the pros and we were right! They were much better at it than us.

Our delicious Christmas eve dinner - plenty of selections

Lily's champagne salad

Mine a-tad-spicy chicken wings

Aries's very-delicious roast lamb (worth mentioning as he is a vegetarian)

Lily tossing her champagne salad - making sure every leaf was well coated with the dressing

Devin's very-crunchy popcorn chicken & Carmen's delicious fried rice noodle

"Feeding time"

Kris Kringle presents

Kris Kringle - each of us pick a random number and match it with a pre-numbered present

My turn to get my present

Ace & Jeeme in santa suit - 1

Ace & Jeeme in santa suit - 2

Ace & Jeeme in santa suit - 3

Ace & Jeeme in santa suit -4

Jeeme giving Ace a kiss

Jeeme: "the night is still young, hehehe..."
A very tired Ace sleeping in the background when Jeeme was still filled with energy

Ace was knocked out

The people that made this fun party a reality!